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“Gabrielle is so damn beautiful that just the visual of this young Goddess on the end of your cock makes the experience better by 10 fold……Would I go back? Yes, almost exclusively but I'm a man of habit and routine not really wanting to deviate from a good thing.”

Lankey 11th January 2013


“GK I realise believes in being as authentic in her pictures as possible,but the fact as it remains is she definitely is one of the most beautiful WL`s in Australia….If you are looking to book a beauty with brains, go ahead & treat yourself to something special.”

Lordvoldemort70 17th January 2013


“This lady made me feel so comfortable and at ease that I completely forgot where I was…. Gabrielle thank you for one of the best experiences I have had and one that I will replay in my mind over and over and over again. You add new meaning to GFE.”


Jtkidnplay 13th August 2012

“When I first greet Gabrielle I am expecting a supreme vision of loveliness, I am not disappointed! She is a beautiful creature who is alarmingly open about herself and her life ‘on the game’. Yet, she is also discreet and almost immediately I feel a connection (not something I have ever felt previously whilst having a punt).”

Noclue 14th September 2012



“I have seen Gabrielle a few times times this year, she is young, real fun personality and everything about her is getting better with time…..She opens her robe to display a stunning figure in black lingerie and thigh high black stockings beaming at me with a killer smile.”

Bob1111 28th December 2012


“When she finally came down to collect me, I was impressed by what I saw. She looked like the sister of Jen Hawkins (think Antonia vs Nicole Kidman, same same but different) and was suited out in a tight black dress…..I tell you when I walked out of there *** I was a man reborn ***”

Youme 14th December 2012



“What followed would have to be up there with the best session I have had in my extended & varied time of punting over 30 odd years.  The old timers probably remember Emma from Stafford rd of the 90's has always been my benchmark and I think it has just been reset.”

Anders 3rd October 2012


“I am not an inexperienced punter and have seen a number of girls, but Gabrielle would have to be in the top 1% I have seen. I feel so strongly about her that I dont think I will see another wg as long as she is available.....truly……She is head and shoulders above any girl I have seen, and I strongly advise any punter seeking pure quality to make the time to see her, the woman is an absolute legend. Good Punting :-)”


​Inthemuff 1st September 2012


“Pictures on her website did not really speak on her true beauty (I think she is due to put new pictures really soon – all of her pictures were un-edited which is what I love), no word could explain how gorgeous she is - she really looks like Jen Hawkins as many of you had mentioned…..Will I see her again?, definitely!”

Melbhunt 7th August 2012



“We started cuddling. I must say, she is an amazing cuddler. At first we just cuddled in our clothes and even that felt nice. She then snuck in a few kisses. You could tell she is really a gfe private, her cuddles felt nice and warm and her kisses were nice and open….I will be seeing her again for sure. Highly recommended!!”

Mike Numbers 20th August 2012


“We started with a bit of kissing and fondling and GK disrobed to reveal an absolutely awesome pair of breasts, very natural and perky. The first feeling of nuru gel and GK sliding up and down naked on your back and side is incredibly arousing and sensual.”


​Ancilla 22nd October 2012


“When I finally met GK I was very happy with the person before me. Not only is she very attractive, but I also found her very easy to form a connection with and extremely sensual.”


Richard The Lionheart 8th September 2012

“It was one of the longest and most powerful orgasms I can remember having, and quite intimate as well…..I am very glad to have made the acquaintance of Gabrielle Kaigh. I think she is, in fact, gorgeous, quirky, sophisticated and yet still very innocent, confident and still filled questions about the world and herself in it. She is very, very sexy as well………She has very 'real person' quality, with all the tics and nuances that go with authenticity.”

Dreadnought 21st August 2012


“Naturally very pretty, without need for much makeup. I would rate her as having one of the prettiest faces i have seen in a private . Her body naked is all natural and very hot…..It was a session that left me spent, totally relaxed and with wobbly legs. Dare i say it, it felt better than sex!”

Psychiatryst 14th August 2012


“Gabrielle does what she does so well, that I will return as soon as time permits and I’d recommend her to anyone who would enjoy the company of an intelligent, sophisticated and articulate young lady…..When it came time to say good bye, I was left satisfied, and more importantly I felt happy. Not very often does one have such an exhilarating experience…..This girl is special.”

​Jack_1984 7th May 2012


“Man her breasts are greeeaaaat!   Once again just how I like ‘em natural and very perky.  She continued to slide and the feeling of her breasts on my back the soft breathing in my ear and the feeling of her naked pussy on my legs was getting some results……A sight I will dream of a number of times I am sure.”

Spaggy 2nd June 2012